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14-page eBook on the details of selling a home through the probate process. Extensively researched, professionally written and laid out. Price is a one-time-only licensing fee, good for purchaser's lifetime, for all their marketing to consumers. Purchaser will be provided a link to download a clean, full copy with no watermark. Choose from one of 5 covers.

(Customization available for an additional fee. Contact for details.)


Seven Steps of a Probate Home Sale


(Laid out over 14 pages)


Pls refer to pics for table of contents.


* Have a Carrot or WIX website?  agentHQ can create a landing page for this eBook, capturing your prospect's information prior to the book being made available for download.

Probate Lead Magnet (3rd Cover Edition)

    • Tease on your mailers (Offer it free)
    • Direct prospects to your website to download
    • Add a simple link or QR Code (See pic)
    • Collect prospect's contact info prior to download
    • Be seen as "the expert"
    • Be "the only one who cares"
    • Stand out from ANY competition
    • Evoke SOFT responses
    • Capture weary prospects
    • Hit ALL your targets
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