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Create + Set up + Execute.  Tell us what you need and we can create your assets, set them up for your easy use and even execute for you on a weekly basis.  Need a 5-mailer campaign for probate or foreclosures?  Want 7 postcards and letters to send to the neighbors of your current contractor jobs?  We've got you covered.  There...that's our core service.  Need a bit more?  Read below...

Have you or your team ever sat down at a conference table and tried to plan out your marketing strategy? If your team is made up of marketers, then GREAT. No problem. However, if they're made up of real estate agents, or solar sales consultants, or contractors who specialize in things other than marketing, therein lies the rub. You want them doing what they do best, not sitting for hours trying to make heads or tails of a marketing plan that's not their forté. Your team in the field? You don't want them chained to a desk, or worse... door knocking. Guess what... they don't want it, either.  

agentHQ was created to bring relief specifically in this scenario. Our years of experience in direct marketing can save you days, weeks, months and sometimes years of trying to figure it out, or trying to get it right. We'll recommend things we've researched, vetted and tested. We'll support you through this process. We'll present your strategy to your entire team, then we'll train them on the services we recommend, in simple steps. We'll KEEP presenting and training for as long as you need. Hiring someone new? Want them up to speed? Call us in to present again. Wait...don't want your team lifting a finger to work some new program that they've never used before? RELAX...we've got this.  We'll do it for you and your team, so they can stay focused on what they do best... build, list, sell, install, network. You get the idea. We're here to make your marketing life easy.


Our vision is simple. Whether you're a team, an office or a one-person show, we want you doing what you do best because we're doing what we do best. Our clients don't have to worry about whether or not the services we recommend are tried and tested. They don't have to fret about extensive learning curves or downtime trying to navigate the world of marketing when they're a fish out of water in that arena. No...they have us. You can, too. We're your "CMO while you grow."

We have a dream.  We see you making the decision to put us in place, then walking away to focus on your big priorities... knowing we've got your back.

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