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YOU: Send postcards, letters, emails, texts or complete campaigns to one or many, instantly, from your phone, desktop or laptop. Search properties from mobile, get all homeowner and property details and deploy a mailer or campaign to one, many or all the nearest neighbors, immediately. Connect with dynamic data and all this can happen while you sleep.


WE: agentHQ will build your program, present to your team, conduct initial and ongoing trainings or even do all the day-to-day handling so your team is 100% "hands off." 

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DELUXE Branded Marketing

YOU: Choose from hundreds of templates for just listed, just sold, farming cards, brochures or home valuation postcards.  Upload your list and photos, choose a design or upload custom artwork.

WE: agentHQ will present to your team, conduct initial and ongoing trainings or even do all uploading and deployment so your team stays 100% "hands off." 


agentHQ is proud to partner with two industry-leading experts. Representing several decades of marketing experience for small businesses, PRINTgenie and Deluxe offer products and services that allow you to easily and effectively communicate with your marketplace and consistently convey your brand.

Whether you are a team of one or many, agentHQ will be with you every step of the way. We'll present your program to your team, office-by-office. We'll keep presenting as new hires are brought on. We'll hold weekly training meetings.

If high priorities prohibit your team from taking the time to learn or manage a new program such as this, agentHQ can assume the role of virtual assistant, handling all activity, eliminating any learning curve and keeping you "hands off." Call, text or email any needs, and we will upload, deploy, submit, mail, manage... you get the idea.

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