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14-page eBook on the options for selling a home quickly. Extensively researched, professionally written and laid out. Price is a one-time-only licensing fee, good for purchaser's lifetime, for all their marketing to consumers. Purchaser will be provided a link to download a clean, full copy with no watermark.


This eBook is "investor friendly", meaning, it presents the options in such a way that the choice for an investor seems not only logical, but probably the wisest decision in most cases, for anyone in need of selling quickly. 

(Customization available for an additional fee. Contact for details.)


Selling Your Home in Today's Market

(Laid out over 14 pages)


Pls refer to pics for table of contents.


* Have a Carrot or WIX website?  agentHQ can create a landing page for this eBook, capturing your prospect's information prior to the book being made available for download.

Home Selling Options - Lead Magnet

    • Tease on your mailers (Offer it free)
    • Direct prospects to your website to download
    • Add a simple link or QR Code (See pic)
    • Collect prospect's contact info prior to download
    • Be seen as "the expert"
    • Be "the only one who cares"
    • Stand out from ANY competition
    • Evoke SOFT responses
    • Capture weary prospects
    • Hit ALL your targets
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