All 5 different covers of the Probate Lead Magnet, allowing purchaser to choose the best cover/title for their area and market.  The ability to switch covers helps mitigate the possibility of more than one purchaser using this same, exact eBook in an area.  BONUS COVER INCLUDED.  (6 in total.)


This product is an add-on to the Probate Lead Magnet.  Purchase this only if you have already bought the licensing for the full eBook.

(Cover Customization available for an additional fee.  Contact for details.) 


* SPECIAL NOTE:  If this isn't your first time here, looking at this eBook, call and ask me any questions you have.  I won't try to sell you, I'll just answer your questions.  Don't feel comfortable with a call?  Text me.  I won't place a call, I'll just text you back with answers.

Add-on - All 5 Covers for Probate Lead Magnet